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China National Scientific Instruments and Materials Corporation (CSIMC) directly report to China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM), the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare group in China. CSIMC is the core subsidiary of the SINOPHARM Group, handling Group’s business in scientific instruments and medical devices. CSIMC was founded in June of 1962, in 2009 merged into the SINOPHARM Group and in 2010 had China National Medical Equipment Industry Corporation (CMIC) merged as its own subsidiary. Meanwhile, CSIMC has also held share of GEHW since 1991.
Since establishment, CSIMC has always adhered to the purpose of providing individual, integrated and comprehensive services to medical organizations, research institutes, universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises and other customers. (The mission of CSIMC is to provide specialized, integrated and comprehensive services to its customers, including medical organizations, research institutes, universities and colleges, as well as industrial and mining enterprises.)
CSIMC has introduced and imported advanced technology and key equipments to national technical programs, such as National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 and the Torch Program.
As the core enterprise of the SINOPHARM Group in the business segment of scientific instruments and medical devices, relying on the support from the Group, the business scope of CSIMC includes (shall include):
a. Domestic commercial business (includes Consumables procurement, GPO and government procurement, medical devices distribution)
b. Industry and Research business (includes R&D and manufacturing of consumables & equipments, as well as other value-added services such as maintenance)
c. Import and Export business (includes I&E of scientific instruments and medical devices)
d. Other business (includes bidding, government procurement, technical services, international exhibitions, and Real-estate management).
CMIC, the subsidiary of CSIMC, is the biggest medical devices company in China, whose largest network of medical devices business has formed a preliminary nationwide marketing network structure. Now CSIMC come tofocus on allocating resources and on building centralized control platform. Meanwhile, on the base of CMIC’s network, CSIMC has put great endeavors to improve the existing network.
SINOPHARM Group’s conception is ‘Caring for life, attending to health’. CSIMC and its subsidiary CMIC, who has always undertaken responsibility  for the reserve, allocation, and supply of national medical devices,, played a positive and important role in protecting lives and maintaining social stability in some major events, such as 1976 Tangshan Earthquake, 1998 Flood Rescue, 2003 SARS, 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, 2008 Olympic Games, etc. CSIMC and CMIC have provided various equipment, medical devices and consumables for the events.
CSIMC is a member of CCPIT, CCOIC, and other six major Chambers of Commerce for import and export, including Machinery & Electronic, medical insurance, Metals Minerals & Chemicals, light industry, textiles, Foodstuffs,Native Produce and Animal By products. Additionally, CSIMC is an enterprise member of CAIA and the president unit of CSIMA
CSIMC will fully implement the strategy of CMIC with the objective of developing and strengthening the industrial chain of medical devices. Specifically, CMIC takes part in organizing and integrating the circulation of medical devices and promotes high performance business segments. The company also aims at rapid development via maintaining and enhancing the chain of trade-industry-research-service, in which trade drives industry and forwards research. The ultimate goal of CSIMC is to contribute maximally to the integration and upgrading of the medical device industry in China, the reform of the medical and healthcare system of China, and the twelfth five year plan of the SINOPHARM Group.


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